I'm Shirin,

A UX designer with a background in engineering.

About me

I am a UX designer with a background in biomedical engineering. My enthusiasm for creating solutions that make life easier for people and creating human-centered products brought me to the field of UX. Studying and working as an engineer made me a critical thinker, which often helps me see problems from different perspectives. My knowledge of technology and biotech combined with creativity, design thinking, and empathy makes me very passionate about the UX in healthcare technology. I believe that the future of healthcare technology revolves around accessibility, adaptability, and clarity, and I hope my expertise can contribute to that. I am a leader who believes in teamwork. I won a leadership award while studying at Bunker Hill Community College. I approach design and leadership by focusing on people and establishing empathy for those who make and use the products I help bring to life. My design practice combines design thinking, user research, and experience strategy, focusing on the user. I am also a passionate photographer. In my free time, I go to nature, which is my primary source of creativity, and explore nature with my camera.

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